About Us


The desire to advance economic growth for Scott County has its roots in the origination of the Scott County Economic Development Corporation in 1982. It became apparent that there was a need for better communication, coordination and financial backing, as well as the need for a full time director, in order to promote the economic development of the community at large.

Scott County Economic Development Corporation was privately funded from its origin. It was felt that the County and City should also help to support the Corporation’s efforts in order to more clearly define its mission and involve the public and the various groups within the community. Thus, in 1990, the Scott County Development Committee, Inc. was formed. This separate organization was made up of membership from the political subdivisions of Scott City and Scott County and included membership from the Chamber of Commerce and the original Scott County Economic Development Corporation, now representing Community-at-Large. In 2017, SCDC added the Scott Community Foundation as its fifth member.

In 1997, SCDC decided to combine with the Scott City Chamber of Commerce and have one executive director. This would make more funds available for development projects and less would be spent on salaries. Funding for economic development comes from the city and county.

Recently, SCDC has reviewed the value of the combined position that evolved into a clerical role with the primary duties of economic development pursued by the Board of Directors, a volunteer board. While the efforts of these individuals had great impact upon our community’s growth and beautification, SCDC recognized hiring a full-time director was necessary in an effort to better the economic development of Scott City and Scott County. In April of 2009, a full-time director was hired to assist in reaching the economic expectations of an already thriving community.  That director also served the Chamber of Commerce as its director.  Both offices found renewed energy and experienced significant increase in activity.

Soon, it was evident that SCDC and the Chamber had become “victims of their own success” in that a single director could not successfully cover all bases; a busy Chamber calendar and increased momentum in the arena of economic development.  In 2013, after much thought and a little apprehension, the boards for SCDC and Chamber chose to hire separate directors.


SCDC, alongside the Kansas State Extension Service, helped sponsor two Economic Development Summit Meetings to involve interested members of the community in developing the overall goals and objectives reguarding future economic growth.  A formal Scott County Economic Development Strategic Plan resulted from these meetings. The overall goals and objectives for SCDC, adopted by both the County and City, are diversified and cover the entire socioeconomic spectrum of the community. The Strategic Plan was revised in 2006, and again in April of 2009.

Since the inception of the Strategic Plan, SCDC has continued to hold Summit Meetings every
18-24 months to ensure the essence of the Strategic Plan remains intact for planning decisions which must be made as the City of Scott City and Scott County grows and changes. The Summit Meetings also provide an opportunity to bring community leaders and citizens together in a large forum to streamline communication efforts.


The vision of SCDC is to provide and promote an economically viable, dynamic, and livable Scott County and the mission is to preserve, protect and enhance both economic and lifestyle opportunities for the county’s residents and businesses.

Today, SCDC and the Chamber for Commerce share an office on highly visible K-96 next to Security State Bank. SCDC board and staff are deeply committed to working with community leaders to provide the best possible business climate for economic development as a community with ‘Small Town Values and Big Time Opportunities”.  We have invested in our community so YOUR investment is secure.  Come to Scott City….check us out….we’re ready for you!