Water Department

For new service contact City Water Clerk, Cathy Graff, at City Hall - 620-872-5322

For after-hour water emergency call 620-872-2133

The water supply for the City of Scott City is obtained from six wells. All wells are located within the city limits of the City of Scott City in Scott County. All wells are chlorinated at the well and water is pumped into the system and into a 500,000-gallon water tower. We monitor for constituents in our water according to strict standards set by state and federal laws.

Watering Prohibited: Watering outdoor vegetation; including lawns, shrubs, flowers, trees, or gardens between the hours of 12:00 noon and 7:00 p.m. between May 1 and September 30 is prohibited. Discharged water from a water-cooled air condition system and newly seeded lawns (not to exceed 30 days) will be exempt. (Ordinance No. 1134)

Water Emergency: Whenever the City Council finds that an emergency exists by reason of a shortage of water supply needed for essential uses, it shall be empowered to declare by resolution that a water supply emergency exists and that it will impose mandatory restrictions on water use during the period of the emergency. Such an emergency shall be deemed to continue until it is declared by resolution of the City Council to have ended. The resolutions declaring the existence and end of a water supply emergency shall be effective upon their publication in the official City newspaper (Ord. 1000, 9-17-1997)

Water Leak Hints: Check all faucets and toilets in your home. Replace washers and clean screens to improve leaking and better water pressure. Replace the insides of the toilets if it runs continuously this may result in a large use of water consumption if not repaired. A slow leak can waste 15 to 20 gallons a day. Install low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators or flow restrictors. Wash full loads of laundry and dishes. If you feel you may have a leak, the city can check the meter to see if it is registering through the water meter. If a leak cannot be located, it is advisable to call a plumber. Make sure water softeners are bypassed prior to checking for a leak, the water softener may be malfunctioning and may need service or cleaning.

Water Rates: View Water Rates

Protect and Conserve Our Water: Water protection and conservation starts with each one of us. While Scott City treats water before and after you use it, your role in protecting water quality for your fellow citizens is crucial. Common contaminants posing a threat to our water every day are chemical lawn products, pet waste, automotive maintenance fluids, household chemicals, and discarded medications. Below are a few ways you can protect our water.

Household and vehicle maintenance chemical products such as motor oil; antifreeze; lead-acid, lithium or nickel-cadmium (ni-cad) batteries; chemical cleaning products; pesticides; and paints and solvents can be harmful to humans and animals if disposed of improperly. Never pour used vehicle fluids or household chemical products onto the ground or down the drain.

Another suggestion to help conserve water is by planting warm-season grasses (Bermuda or Azioza) which require about half of the water as Fescue.

Water Service
The furnishing of water to customers by the City through its waterworks system shall be governed by the regulations of the City. No water from the City water supply shall be turned on for service into any premises by any person but the Public Works Superintendent or an employee authorized by him to perform this service. Application to have the water turned on shall be made in writing in City Hall and shall contain an agreement by the applicant to abide by and accept all of the provisions governing the use of the city water supply. A connect fee to obtain water services or to transfer water service from one location in the city limits to another will be charged.

Water Treatment Plants
In August 2012 two water treatment plants were put into operation to treat water that was above the maximum contaminant level for nitrates and arsenic. The city’s water is routinely monitored for the presence of drinking water contaminants.

New Meter
Before any new premises are occupied and a new service is established, a water meter shall be installed by the City. An application for water service should be made at City Hall. When a new meter is required, the customer shall pay for the cost of materials and installation of the meter. Current costs are available at City Hall.

Water/Sewer Bills
All water/sewer bills go to the Post Office to be mailed on the first working day of the month. One may call City Hall at any time to check the balance due on their account. This bill is due on the 15th of each month, with a 10% penalty added to the balance if not paid by the 15th. A delinquency notice will be mailed on the 20th, to notify customers that the City has not received payment on the account. If the water/sewer bill is not paid by 1:00 on the 25th, the water will be shut off and a $50.00 re-connect fee will be charged,($70 if after hours) in addition to the unpaid water/sewer bill, before the water will be turned back on. Water bills can be paid in the following ways: mail, at City Hall, auto-pay or online. Visit our Payment Center to pay online.

 View The City's Water Quality Report