Public Works Overview

Public works are a broad category of infrastructure projects, financed and constructed by the government, for recreational, employment, and health and safety uses in the greater community. They include public buildings (municipal buildings, schools, hospitals), transport infrastructure (roads, railroads, bridges, pipelines, canals, ports, airports), public spaces (public squares, parks, beaches), public services (water supply, sewage, electrical grid, dams), and other, usually long-term, physical assets and facilities. Though often interchangeable with public infrastructure and public capital, public works does not necessarily carry an economic component, thereby being a broader term. Wikipedia

Employee Information

Public Works Superintendent
Terence Appel

Chris Rodriguez
Reggie Ford
Kari Youvon
Holly Berland
DeWayne Ferrell
Mike Mooney
Charlotte Latta
Rod Stienbrink
Conner Palmer