Planning and Zoning

Why would I need to make an application to the Planning & Zoning Commission?

Applications need to be made to the Planning & Zoning Commission any time the desired building project, residential or commercial, is contrary to current City Code.   The City Inspector assists property owners in determining whether an application needs to be made to request any of the following:  Variance to City Code, Change in Zoning, Special Uses or Conditional Uses for specific zones, or to Plat a Plot of land. 

 How do I obtain an application to the Planning & Zoning Commission?

Applications can be obtained at, and returned to City Hall in a timeframe that would allow the City Attorney’s office to publish a public notice in the weekly publication Scott County Record, the City’s official newspaper, at least twice (two consecutive weeks) prior to the scheduled hearing.  

 When does the Planning & Zoning Commission meet?

The Planning & Zoning Commission meets at 7:00 p.m. on the 2nd Thursday of each month in which applications are scheduled to be discussed.  The meetings are held in the Council Room in City Hall.

 Planning & Zoning Commission Members:

  • Rod Hogg – Chairperson
  • Vernon Storm – Vice-Chairperson
  • Richard Crist
  • Tim Graff
  • Andy Hineman
  • Roger Winter
  • Craig Ramsey

  • Corbin Stevens, Alternate
  • Clint Pearson, Alternate
  • Rebecca J. Faurot, City Attorney/Secretary
  • Lloyd Foster, City Building Inspector

What are the Duties of the Planning and Zoning Commission?