Inspection Information

As a permit holder, you are responsible for ensuring that the work performed under the permit conforms with applicable codes. You are responsible for contacting the City Building Department to schedule inspections during the course of construction. Continuing work without inspections may require work to be undone in order for covered work to be inspected.

The following guidelines and checklists are provided to help you prepare for each inspection. Please note that the checklists are a summary of applicable codes and they do not cover all codes or possible conditions. The checklists include references to the codes enforced by the City of Scott City. Code books can be viewed at City Hall.

Required Inspections
Residential Rough-In Priority List

Residential Checklist Links by Permit Types

Building Electrical Fuel - Gas Mechanical Plumbing
Final Inspection Final Inspection Fuel Gas Final Inspection Final Inspection
Footing & Foundation Rough-In   Rough-In Rough-In
Truss Submittal