Contractor/Subcontractor Requirements

License Types and Fees

All Contractors and Subcontractors are required to be licensed and bonded with the City of Scott City. A $10,000 Surety Bond made out to the City of Scott City is required before a license will be issued. Contractor’s licenses are effective for one calendar year, beginning January 1 and ending December 31.

The following license types are available for $75.00 each

      • Building
      • Electrical
      • Mechanical
      • Plumbing

Contractors may be required to hold more than one type of license depending on the work being done.

Licensed contractors with the City of Scott City

Renew your Contractor license online. All new licenses must be obtained at City Hall.


Permit fees start at $15.00. Please visit City Hall to obtain permits and pricing. Most permits require additional fees based on the square footage and/or type of work being done. Multiple permits may need to be obtained for one overall project.

A Permit is required for each of the following:

  • New Commercial
  • Remodel Commercial
  • New Residential
  • Remodel Residentially
  • New Roofing & Re-roofing
  • Fences and yard sheds
  • Plumbing, new construction, service taps
  • Electrical, new construction, remodel or modify service
  • Mechanical, new construction, or replacement