Comprehensive Plan

Planning for change, redevelopment, and a sustainable population and economic base is a challenge for small Kansas communities in the new millennium. Failing to plan, on the other hand, ensures lost opportunities and the chance to become a better place for future generations.

Scott City is a community with a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the local economy, its position in the region, and its enduring value and character. Scott City recognizes the role it plays in the regional marketplace in providing jobs, services, and housing.

The City of Scott City adopted the 2005-2025 Comprehensive Plan, Creating a Vision for Community Growth & Sustainability, on May 1, 2006.

The plan was developed with the expectation that Scott City will balance the interests of a City faced with a shrinking regional population base with the desire to preserve its small town livability and attract new growth. To this end, Scott city defined a set of guiding principles and future land use plan for achieving their vision for the future. The premise of the vision is straightforward: sustain a quality place that people view as desirable to live and work.

Scott City’s city leaders recognize their community offers strengths and opportunities. New housing options, quality public education, the seat of county government, local medical facilities, and small town livability, are only a few of the obvious strengths.

The 2005-2025 Comprehensive Plan is available at City Hall for review.