Tax Information

Property taxes
The City of Scott City has a longstanding record of fiscal responsibility based upon sound financial planning and budgeting. This has made it possible for being able to hold the City’s mil level fairly stable for many years.

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County Sales Tax
The City receives revenues from a 1% County Sales Tax. This money goes into the City’s General Fund and reduces property taxes.

1/2 % City Sales Tax and Grant
The 1/2 % city sales tax was approved by referendum and collections began on April 1, 2007.  The sales tax grant funds provided must be used to provide cultural, educational, or recreational opportunities taking place in Scott City, to benefit the people of Scott City and the surrounding area. Approximately 15–17 non-profit qualified organizations receive funds from the ½% City Sales Tax each year. To apply for the 1/2% Sales Tax Grant, contact City Hall.