Neighborhood Revitalization Program provides five years of reduced property tax rebate (from 90% rebate in 1st year, 70% in 2nd year, 50% in 3rd year, 30% in 4th year, to 10% rebate in 5th year). This program applies to any project raising the current tax valuation from improvements by a minimum of $40,000. Also, this particular program is available on residential, commercial or agricultural property…unlike other programs! Application must be filed within one (1) year from commencement of construction.

Scott County Micro Loan Program is available for businesses located in Scott County that have five or fewer full-time employees. The program must meet 51% participation by low to moderate income applicants. Not all projects must meet this requirement, just 51% of the projects. Maximum loan amount is $15,000 that can be extended to $25,000 with a 50% match on the additional $10,000 ($5,000 by applicant). All start-up businesses MUST provide an injection of cash or tangible assets. Existing businesses must show a positive net worth. Can be a stand-alone financing source or coupled with other loans. Once loan is repaid, the funds are loaned to other businesses.

Rural Opportunity Zone (ROZ) is the latest economic development incentive to draw people to work and live in Kansas. Effective July 1, 2011, the program allows individuals who have not resided in Kansas in the past five years to qualify for a state income tax rebatement for the following five years IF moving into a Rural Opportunity Zone county. Scott County is a ROZ. The program has another facet that involves repayment of student loans for post-secondary graduates for up to $15,000 over 5 years ONLY WHILE student is residing in a ROZ. Scott County has opted into this program also. Only costs associated with accredited schools qualify. In-state and out-of-state students may qualify. Application is made directly to the State of Kansas. To apply for the Rural Opportunity Zone benefits click here.

GRAIN FOR GRADUATES Every year, harvest is a huge part of the Scott County dynamic. The Scott County Development Committee is happy to announce the beginning of the “Grain for Graduates” program. SCDC has collaborated with the Scott Community Foundation, Scott Coop Association and Kirk Grain Company to accept grain donations for the Scott County ROZ fund. Grain donations, of any amount, accepted at Scott Coop Association and Kirk Grain Company will go directly toward the Scott County ROZ fund. One could consider the “Grain for Graduates” program a reverse-scholarship that supports young educated residents moving into Scott County who contribute immediately to our economy. Over time, families grow, children attend Scott County Schools and Scott County insures itself against the dreaded “brain drain”.

Please consider making a one-time donation of grain or donations after harvest every year. Scott County’s economy is stronger as people with secondary education join our community.

For more information on the ROZ program or “Grain for Graduates” you can click here, or you can contact the Scott County Development director, Katie Eisenhour at 620-872-3525 ext. 2, or by email at You may also direct inquiries to the program manager at

E(entrepreneurship)-Community Program (Network Kansas) was introduced to Scott County through a tax credit grant received from Network Kansas. These funds are intended to energize and empower communities to help entrepreneurs and financial partners transform ideas into strong, sensible business opportunities. E-community funding requires a partner and SCDC fulfills that role. Applications are available at the Scott Community Foundation and SCDC offices.

All qualified businesses are welcome to begin the application process. Simply contact the Scott County Development director, Katie Eisenhour at 620-872-3525.

Additional resources:

Scott County Development Committee, Inc. 113 East Fifth Street Scott City, KS 67871 Katie Eisenhour, Executive Director (620)- 872-3525 x2

Scott County E-Community Ryan Roberts, Leadership Team, 303 Court Street Scott City, KS 67871 (620) 872-3790

Kansas Department of Commerce SWKS Regional Business and Community Development Office Carol Meyer, P.O. Box 496 Garden City, KS 67846-0496 Phone: (620) 755-6738 Kansas Department of Commerce SWKS Regional Business and Community Development Office Aaron Cannon, 107 E. Spruce St. Garden City, KS 67846-5446 Phone: (620) 277-8006

USDA Rural Development Doug Bruggeman, Area Specialist (785) 628-3081 x437 Hays, KS

Small Business Development Center Garden City Community College Cheryl Schmale, Assistant Director, (620) 276-9632
 Western State Bank 1425 S Main St 620-872-2227 Farm Credit of Southwest Kansas, 1422 South Main Street, (620) 872-5391
First National Bank 501 S Main St 620-872-2143 Security State Bank 506 S Main St 620-872-2108